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There are major benefits to installing a ductless mini-split HVAC system in your older home.  But if your home is already equipped with a radiator heating system, it might make sense to find a use for this technology.

Many homes in Modesto and the Central Valley today were built before the advent of modern central air conditioning systems, so heating and cooling your home can be difficult to do with outdated and inefficient hardware like radiator heaters and window air conditioners.  So, if your house was built before the mid-1960s, chances are your home may not be equipped to install a central air conditioning system because it lacks the ductwork needed to make these modern systems function.  Fortunately, there are energy-efficient alternatives that do not require expensive ductwork installation just to keep your house cozy all year long.  The following options are a few that are worth exploring.

High-Velocity HVAC

These systems utilize a mini-duct network that can be easily installed throughout your home without significantly interrupting the aesthetic flow of each room.  Mini-ducts are typically three inches in diameter – far smaller than your average central air-conditioning duct system – and can be inserted through walls, underneath floors, and snaked across ceilings in a relatively discreet manner.  Due to their small and customizable vents, these units can be virtually invisible once installed and provide high-quality heating and cooling throughout your home.

Ductless Mini-Split HVAC

If ductwork of any kind is simply not an option for you, then a ductless HVAC system may be precisely what you need.  These systems, as the name suggests, use a different method to distribute hot and cool air throughout your house.  That is because they utilize an exterior heat pump and multiple interior air handling units to push warm or cool air into each room that possess an interior unit (the number of which depends on the model of HVAC you select).

But if there is no ductwork, how is it all connected?  Both the exterior pump and the interior units are connected by a line set filled with wiring and refrigerant piping that is fed through a small hole in one of your home’s exterior walls.  Each interior unit installed can be controlled separately by individual remotes, giving occupants the freedom to configure the temperature in each room as they see fit, including rooms that experience less use.  This allows the user to have more control over how much money they spend on their heating and cooling bill.

An Alternate Way to Heat Your Home

As you can see, there are major benefits to installing a high-velocity or a ductless mini-split HVAC system in your older home.  But if your home is already equipped with a radiator heating system, it might make sense to find a use for this technology.  Mehl Mechanical technicians can examine your existing radiator heating system and determine if it is still usable and along with what components may need replacing to help your system run efficiently.  Often many of the existing radiator heaters in older homes are in great condition and work well with newer boilers, so this may be a cheaper alternative to keep your home warm during the colder months.

Whatever system you choose ultimately depends on your home’s unique layout and your aesthetic preferences, but any of the systems listed above will provide consistent heating and cooling experiences in your home year round.  If you would like assistance with the most efficient means of heating and cooling your home, contact Mehl Mechanical today!  Mehl Mechanical serves Modesto, California and the greater Central Valley.

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